Reject and Call

The functionality every phone should have

Do you use to reject incoming calls & make them back with your free minutes?
If you do so, you have to try this app, it will save you so much time.

4.5 stars on Google Play Store

Reject and CallGoogle Play Store4.5

Calling your people back made easy

Reject & Call is the perfect app for people with free calls plan or free calls numbers. With this app you can reject a call and make the call back instantly, with no need to unlock your phone or open the dialer.

Key Features

Works like magic

No need to have the app running, just have it installed and shake to call back as you need.

Zero battery consumption

As it doesn’t need any service running, this app wont drain your battery just like others do.

Ready to be used

Always ready, just reject the call, shake your phone and the callback is launched.

Without this app

20-40 seconds

  1. Reject the call
  2. Unlock the phone
  3. Open the call log
  4. Make the call
With it

5-10 seconds

  1. Reject the call
  2. Shake the phone


One of the most useful apps for me. :) Thanks!

A Google User

It’s a excellent idea for fast call back when if you want.


Just what I wanted! Works like a charm, it works flawlessly!