Discount Calculator

The app every shopping lover needs!

When shopping there is no time to loose calculating discounts and taxes.
With this app you will know the final price instantly!

4.7 stars on Google Play Store

Discount CalculatorGoogle Play Store4.7

The definitive tool for shopping lovers

When shopping, you have to calculate the taxes and the discount to know how much you will have to pay. Doing so one time is not a big deal, but to do it over and over during your shopping day is really annoying. Now with this app you won’t need to worry about these calculations anymore.

Key Features

Fast and easy

Thanks to its great user interface you can calculate a price in just seconds with a few taps.

Always ready

You can use the app even with the screen locked saving you time and battery.

Real calculator keyboard

Enter prices fast using the calculator keyboard, it even lets you make some basic operations.

Bar to set discount

You can use the bar to set the discount fast, and if you need to enter more precise values use the buttons.

Prices history

You can save all the prices you want, in order to consult later a detailed history of your operations and also check the totals.


So I love shopping so this app made it easier and quicker to estimate prices love it ♡♡♥♥

A Google User

Awesome, I’ve tried a lot of these but this one is the most convenient and easy to use – LOVE IT !

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